August 17, 2013


Diabetes and Canadian Aboriginals: What is the Government Doing?

diabetesDiabetes is a problem worldwide with nearly 400 million sufferers as of 2011 and Canada is no exception, especially the aboriginal population. Diabetes is a serious medical condition that can result in long term debilitating issues, and while the numbers are growing across the board for aboriginal Canadians it has become nearly epidemic as they are 3-5 times more likely to develop the disease. When there is this much disparity in numbers, someone has to ask why and how do we fix it? Continue reading…

August 16, 2013


Traditional Healing Practices of the Canadian Aboriginals

outfitAboriginal people are believed to have arrived in Canada more than 30,000 years ago. According to historians, the first Aboriginals in Canada were the First Nations and the Inuit with the Metis emerging later. Aboriginal healing practices have become quite an interest as many people search for alternatives to typical healing methods in the Western world. They differ greatly because Aboriginal methods focus on creating a balance between the physical and spiritual being. Their healing practices have been passed down for thousands of years. Continue reading…

September 13, 2014


The First Steps to Starting a Career

So you’re looking at the end of your college term and graduation’s just on the next corner. You’ve got your papers ready and now the world awaits you. However, if you’ve been following any news lately, then you know that grabbing a job isn’t very easy. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you do have a strong start after your graduate.

Consider Furthered Education
The sad truth of the matter is that sometimes the first degree you get won’t guarantee a stable job. Sometimes you need to take the next step consider a masters or even a doctorate. If you’re lucky enough to have taken a pre-law course, then why not continue on to law? Maybe you should become a car accident lawyer in Vancouver or maybe become a paralegal.

Is this the Right Career for You?
The fact here is that sometimes the first course we finish isn’t the thing that will make us happy. So sometimes, taking a step back reflecting is the right thing to do. Consider which fields you’re good at, how you can get there, and which industries offer jobs within that field. Then, it’s just a matter of proper research, and again, more education.

Make sure to Change at the Right Time
Okay, while it is a good idea to work in a field that makes you happy, that career isn’t going anywhere. Assess right now whether or not it would be a smart idea to get extra education. If not, then push pause until you’re a bit more stable.

Start making A Network
You know why we’re taught to make friends at a young age? That’s because those friends can help you through life in more ways than one. Start asking everyone in your family about their own connections or if they have contacts within certain industries and then make those contacts yourself.

These steps are a part of a number of different things you can do as you start a new career. The important thing is to start working hard towards that goal with whatever tools you have right now.

September 13, 2014


College Loans and Other Ways to Raise Money for College

There was one post recently on social media by a guy ranting that he was earning a hundred grand a year, but he was still broke after paying for his college student loans. He also mentioned that he was seriously thinking about leaving the country and his loans behind. Sadly, this line of thinking is becoming popular, but it has been echoed by a lot of people who have big student loans.

It may not be possible for a lot of people to leave the country and default on their loans. However, with a large number of people thinking about the same thoughts, this might be a disincentive for in-coming college students to continue with their studies. Less privileged high school graduates have already decided that they would not be attending college unless they get a scholarship of any kind.

College scholarships, whether academic or athletic, as well as grants are not easy to come by. The students have to show proof that they are worthy of having a scholarship. It is the university’s prerogative to choose which student would be awarded a scholarship. Sometimes, there are just too many applicants and too few scholarships. Even the most deserving students sometimes have to go through college without a scholarship. They would have to make do with two or three part-time jobs, and a student loan. It is easy enough to be installing windows and doors Burlington, or assembling a sandwich at a deli. These are jobs where the qualifications fit that of a college student.

There are jobs or businesses which can be started with a minimal capital. There have been success stories of students who started their business from their dorm room. They may have started with different motives, instead of just earning for college tuition and expenses. However, they have proven to be successes and legends in their own right. Michael Dell started Dell computer company from his dorm room and the back of his van. Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his dorm room. Their successes has shown that there are ways to earn money while studying in college.

Earning while studying college sometimes is a disincentive in itself. However, minimum wage jobs can motivate a student to finish college and get a better paying job.

September 12, 2014


How Lucrative is a Career in Cosmetology?

Some say that the beauty industry is recession-proof. This opinion seems to be supported by economic figures revealing that the global beauty industry is worth more than a hundred billion dollars and is continuing to grow. If you want to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry, you need not own a cosmetic manufacturing company. In these modern times where looks and appearance do matter, you can have a lucrative career as a cosmetologist.

Similar to any other career choice, certain skills are required for cosmetology. Social skills are an advantage, as well as an eye for beauty. As a cosmetologist, you will need expertise not only in hair styling and makeup application but also in skin and nail treatments.

You might be someone fresh out of high school or a professional needing a career change; but regardless of your reasons for wanting to be part of the beauty industry, you can start your training by enrolling in a cosmetology program. Being vocational in nature, the requirements are not as stringent as a college degree; but most cosmetology schools do require that their students be at least sixteen years of age. A program can cost approximately twenty thousand dollars and can last between twelve to fifteen months.

After completing a program, you can start your career by working in a salon. One reason why one news magazine chose this field as one of the best careers is that it has very good job outlook and openings are always available. You may be paid on an agreed wage per hour or a percentage of the payments made by clients you cater to. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a cosmetologist’s annual income can range between twenty-six thousand dollars to forty thousand dollars. However, if you will be fortunate enough to work for the entertainment industry, you can earn as much as seventy thousand dollars per year.

Aside from monetary compensation, being a cosmetologist offers other benefits. If you are interested in fashion, it can be a dream job because it will allow you to stay current in design and fashion trends. Furthermore, you get to develop very personal relationships with your clients. Once you get clients satisfied with the services that you provide, they will likely be repeat customers for the rest of their lives. Thirdly, the beauty industry is continually expanding. Because of new technologies and product lines, salons and spas are adding new beauty techniques to their roster of services every year. As a cosmetologist, you are assured of a job for many years to come.

There are other ways to make this type of career more lucrative. You can start a business by opening your own salon. Alternatively, you can become a specialist on specific beauty services. A skin specialist, for instance, can earn as much as fifty thousand dollars a year, which is more than a general cosmetologist’s salary. Another way to earn additional income is by developing your own products. A good suggestion would be to create and style wigs for the aging baby boomer population who might be dealing with issues on thinning hair. Obviously, you would need to invest in styling tools like hair straightening devices or curling irons. Fortunately, finding quality brands can be easy when you read review sites like for best curling iron; and for best curling irons for thick hair.

In these hard economic times, it is important to find a lucrative job that allows you to have a decent life. A career in cosmetology does that; and provides personal satisfaction and enjoyment as well.

September 10, 2014


Starting Your Own Food Stand Business

If you want a career in the food industry, you could work in a restaurant or maybe put up your own business. However, before you even venture in starting your own business, it’s recommended that you enroll in a business management course, as well as gain experience by working in a company that’s on the same field as the one that you’re planning to start.

Running your own restaurant can be expensive and it could be difficult, especially if it’s your first time to manage a business. If you’re in a limited budget, you may consider starting a food or concession stand instead.   It’s cheaper, easier to manage and it requires lesser staff or none at all if you wish to prepare the food and serve on your own, which is very possible. Here’s how you can start this type of business.

Decide on the Food to Serve

The first thing that you need to consider is the type of food that you wish to serve. Do you want to serve cupcakes, sandwiches, burgers, tacos or salad maybe? Once you decide on this one, do your research and practice making it until you get the perfect taste. Take note of the recipe so you would be consistent.

Find a Location

Some food stands are permanent, while some are not. You could get a food truck mobile in case you wish to move from one place to another. If you wish to operate in a permanent location, you may find a small space or stand that you can rent. Storage containers that are 10 feet to 40 feet long are also possible options. is a site where you can find quality and affordable containers. Yes, these containers are not just for storing various items, but they can also be turned into food stands. Whether you choose to operate permanently in one place or not, you should do your research to find out the best locations to place your stand.

Get Needed Permits

Businesses need to get various requirements in order to avoid any problems. These requirements may vary from one state to another. However, most of them require certificate for your business name, health and sanitary permit, as well as state tax identification number.

Purchase What You Need

Make a list of all the things that you would need in operating your food stand, including utensils, cups, plates, napkins, cooking equipment and the ingredients for your foods. Consider the decors that you would use in designing your stand as well. Shop around and compare to find quality products at the most reasonable price. Buying wholesale would give you a lot of savings.

Promote Your Food Stand

Decide on your opening date and promote it so people would know about your business. Print and hand out flyers. Take advantage of the power of the Internet too. Post on social media and free ad sites so more people would learn about it. Ask family and friends to do the same and invite people that they know.

This could be the start of the business career that you’ve been dreaming of. It may be challenging, but if it’s what you really desire, you can be successful with your hard work.

September 3, 2014


The Backlash of Modern Colonialist Practices

Politicians who complain about jobs going overseas have conveniently forgotten what modern colonialism was all about. This act is no different from the traditional economic view that a country should do what they do best. This was the rationale behind having colonies which supplied the raw materials for factories in the colonizing country. Later on, this was also the reason why there are sweatshops in third world countries producing cheap t-shirts and shoes. The concept continues with consumer goods manufacturing and explains why a computers and hard disks are manufactured in Asia.

Business process outsourcing is the same, however, in this call center jobs are being sent to Asia because the practice is economically sound, and these countries have laborers with the technical skills. In essence, there are two things that BPOs give as a reason: there are no technically qualified personnel in the numbers that they need in the areas that they operate in; and even those who have no jobs would not want to work in a tech support, customer support, or call center job. BPOs seldom mention that it is cheaper to send the job abroad. Politicians also usually fail to mention the salary disparity and cost savings.

There are always cost and price disparities. These could be due to supply and demand issues, or due to differences in taxes. Going to Pittsburgh for varicose vein treatments is only cost effective if you add in the cost of travel and accommodations. This is true for any medical treatment in any other part of the world. If you want to have hip surgery, you can stay in Spain for a year, have two hip surgeries, and it would still cost about the same as a comparable procedure in the United States. If you’re in a foreign country with a good health service system, check in for the prices of some procedures, and you would see the very large gap in costs.

There some economies of scale which makes sense, and nowadays, with the cheap cost of air travel, as well as cheap internet communications. There really is no need to hire anyone local, unless other conditions are more important.

September 1, 2014


Risks Involved in Cosmetic Surgery and How to Minimize Them

Cosmetic surgery is commonly performed nowadays. Though it’s generally safe, it doesn’t come without risks. Even if the reason is for aesthetic purposes, it’s still a type of surgery; and like any other surgeries, possible complications may arise. You must be aware of these risks so you could make an informed decision, as it’s your health that may suffer. Here are some of the most common plastic surgery risks that you need to consider.


Patients who undergo cosmetic surgery are healthy in general, as this is usually one of the requirements to be considered to become a good candidate. While there’s only a very low risk that it could happen, there’s still that possibility. Antibiotics are often provided in order to prevent this from happening. Moreover, sterile equipment must also be used.


This is very common when incisions are made. Depending on your skin, the scar could be light or it may be more visible. The development of keloid or raised, thick scars could happen.


The nerves could get damaged and it may cause paralysis, which could impair your movement. The affected area would feel weak or numb. It’s usually temporary and it often lasts for less than a year. However, it could still affect your day to day life.

Anesthesia Risks

Anesthesia is commonly used on surgeries in order to make the process more comfortable for the patient. There are risks involved with this, such as nausea, allergic reaction, respiratory failure and heart attack.

Excessive Bleeding

While bleeding is normal after any surgery, excessive bleeding could lead to serious problems if not taken care of immediately.

How to Prevent These Risks

These are just some of the possible risks involved in cosmetic surgery and there are ways on how to lower or prevent them. One way is to learn more about the procedure that you plant to get, like the specific risks involved, recovery, as well as the things that you should and should not do before and after operation.

While it could be tempting to grab those ridiculously cheap offers, this is not the time where cost is the only factor that you should consider. If you do so, you may end up not getting the result that you expect or worse, serious complications may arise after the surgery. It’s important to do your research and choose a board certified and trusted surgeon to do the job for you. Moreover, select one who specializes and is experienced on the specific surgery you wish to get. Follow the instructions of the doctor to get the best result and minimize risks.

There are also surgical procedures that don’t require incisions that you may consider. These treatments are less risky since no cuts are made and are done through injection, like dermal fillers and Botox. Omaha is one of the places where you can find surgeons offering these treatments. By getting Botox and dermal filler in Omaha, you can eliminate those wrinkles and fine lines so you would look younger. Treatment only takes a few minutes and there’s no downtime, which is perfect for busy people.

August 5, 2014


Storage as a Necessity for Companies and Individuals

Corporations have found a lot of ways to save on office and warehouse space. Nowadays, companies farm out their warehousing needs to storage companies, logistics solutions companies and warehousing companies. There are cheaper solutions, but usually these are not used by companies for one reason or another. For some, it takes too much time, effort and money to manage multiple storage solutions. These companies usually lease storage from warehouses or storage companies.

For some, their storage requirements entail having the storage space within their premises. In this case the company can either build a new building, creating space, or they can lease storage containers. There are a lot of shipping container deals available online from different companies. These storage companies lease or sell used container vans which are either transported to a client’s compound, or stored on site at the leasing company’s container yard.

For individuals, the main option for warehouse space is to lease from storage locker companies. Alternatively, there are some companies which offer easy to assemble garages or metal buildings. These can be used as additional storage space, as well as work areas. This works for those who have a large yard, or have an empty lot. This alternative is the cheapest for long-term solutions, as well as being the most versatile solution. For short-term storage, leased lockers offer the convenience of being temporary. There are also lockers of different sizes. This allows the person or the company to lease a certain size, or multiple lockers, at their convenience. If additional space is needed, then additional lockers are rented. They can rent out for a few months or they can pay for years in advance.

Storage has become an important aspect of life. For a lot of people, this is where they keep not just their belongings, but also their treasures, the things they would not to part with. The idea of a separate storage from the office or from the home is a relatively new development. It has only become bigger with due to the need to retain personal belongings. Even in a throwaway society, where things are increasingly become virtual and digital, physical objects have retained their charm.

July 30, 2014


The Economic Effects of Addiction

There are countless facets of addiction. There’s the social, emotional, psychological and the economic one. Among the many facets, the economic is the one given least attention to because it’s viewed by many as a sad effect of drug addiction or alcoholism. The truth is that addiction has a grave economic impact.

First, it takes income away from the family. In most cases, people who become addicted to drugs or alcohol or gambling are bread winners. The first signs of addiction is when the family income is sacrificed in favor of addiction. You will see here that bills are no longer being paid, children are forced to drop out of private school, cars and houses are being mortgaged and foreclosed and so on. Pretty soon, the breadwinner is no longer able to support the family and either of two things happen: the couple gets a divorce or the children are brought over to the grandparents or aunts. If only one parent is supporting the children, the kids are sometimes brought to foster homes.

This happens because the parent who is in too deep can no longer support his or her family. It causes a strain to other families financially because they are left to cover debts or support the children who were abandoned by the parent. It also has a domino effect on society in cases when the families or children become dependent on welfare and or food stamps in order to survive.

It is difficult to watch a family that was once doing so well waste away because of addiction. It is frustrating to see them lose their cars, homes and other possessions as they fall deeper and deeper into the habit. This is why it is highly encouraged that people suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism be brought in for addiction treatment sooner rather than later.

Family members should be more aggressive in dealing with addiction. Most people think it’s just a phase that their loved ones would soon snap out of. They realize belatedly that things would have ended differently if they had acted sooner. Children would not have suffered as much and things may not have ended so tragically for families.

July 30, 2014


The Rise of the Power Washers

In recent years, there has been an increase in popularity of power washers. Based on sales of power washers, it seems that a lot of people are using these not just for cleaning their cars, but also for a lot of other things, including cleaning boats, roofs, temporary garages and house sidings. The popularity has also translated to more people cleaning their own cars rather than sending them to the carwash.

There is no question that the best electric pressure washer is actually a gas powered machine. What the pressure washer does is to compress gas in a compressor tank before using the air to blow water out of a hose. On the other hand an electric pressure washer blows water out of a hose and nozzle by forcing it out. It makes use of a pump which directly forces the water out of the nozzle.

There are several reasons why a gas pressure washer may be better:

*Higher pressure output. The higher the pressure, the better the performance. High pressure washers typically produce between 2000 to 2500 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure. There are some models which produce pressures of up to 4000 psi. The stronger the pressure washer, the easier it can remove dirt.

*It is made of more durable material. Gas pressure washers have to be made of stronger materials in order to withstand the high water pressure. This includes the rubber hose, the bronze couplings, as well as the fittings on the water tank. Plastics would not be able to withstand the continued strong water pressure from the pressure washer.

On the other hand, the advantages of an electric pressure washer include the following:

*Lighter models. Gas pressure washers are heavier because of the air tank which serves as the propellant or jet source which forces the water through the nozzle. On the other hand, an electric pressure washer directly forces the water through the nozzle without the need of a gas tank. In addition, electric pressure washers can be as small and portable as a wind blower. In terms of design, there is practically no difference between a wind blower and an electric pressure washer.

*More affordable price. Air pressure washers are smaller and produce less water pressure. The smaller blower allows for cheaper parts. There is also less pressure coming through the hose. All of this leads to savings in manufacturing and in cost of parts.

When you decide to buy a pressure washer, you have to know the reason for the purchase. For smaller vehicles, It would be better to have an electric pressure washer. On the other hand, if you are cleaning a house or a boat, a gas pressure washer may be better.

Before buying your own pressure washer, it is recommended that you take a look at different brands before choosing. You should also consider the primary use for the pressure washer. For cleaning cars, you would be better off using electric pressure washers. If you are only going to use it for a couple of years it would be better to choose cheaper models. For jobs which need powerful pressure, it would be better to buy a gas pressure washer. If you plan to have a neighborhood car wash, it would be best to invest in a model which can withstand the pressure for an indeterminate amount of time.

For better data, you can look up the best models under the topic of “electric pressure washer review.”

July 30, 2014


Don’t Let Spider Veins Go Untreated

Spider veins and varicose veins are common problems among women of any age, race or stature. Some say that is caused by standing on one’s feel for too long. Some researches say though that vein problems are more genetic than caused by lifestyle. Regardless of whether your six-inch heels were responsible or you’ve inherited it from your Mom or aunts, spider veins and varicose veins remain a big problem.

There is a misconception that wanting to treat spider veins and varicose veins is all about vanity. But that is farthest from the truth, the visible symptom may be unsightly, yes; but these vein problems cause discomfort on pain on the part of the person who has them. These swollen and twisted veins are also a health risk: they can form blood clots, ulcers and worse, affect the deeper veins and actually cause heart problems. Yes, heart problems. The network of veins in the body are connected to the arteries of the heart to facilitate the flow of blood through the body. If even a small portion is gnarled and clogged, it could seriously affect the rest of the system and cause it to malfunction. So, if left untreated, what started as a small problem can cause more damage to the body.

Painful and Ugly

The best description for spider and varicose veins are ugly and painful. At the end of the day, women who have them complain of a stabbing pain or a numbing sensation on their legs and calves. Some women even say that after standing on their feet for hours (wearing high heels of course) they can no longer feel the tips of their toes and their calves. This is a preliminary look at the kind of discomfort that spider and varicose veins bring.

Other women report that their varicose veins first appeared when they became pregnant. This is a common scenario. According to experts, the hormones released during pregnancy dilate a woman’s veins and transfer the pressure of the expanding pelvis on the lower extremities. Some women are lucky and the condition is reversed after they have given birth. Other women who don’t manage to shed their baby weight off, have to deal with the condition for a longer period of time.

Contrary to popular belief, even men suffer from varicose veins. Researchers are still trying to decipher the reason for this; but initial findings show that this could be related to lifestyle as well as genetics. The good thing about men is that they can wear compression socks under their pants or slacks everyday and it would hardly be noticed. The same cannot be said for women, who almost always wear mini skirts or dresses to work. Compression stockings may be worn from time to time but it can sometimes be uncomfortable and itchy.

For a long term solution, it is better to visit a vein center in Sta Barbara and seek the opinion of an expert. They may recommend surgical or non-surgical procedures depending on the severity of the case. You may also visit a vein doctor in Charlotte if you prefer that area.